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Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. For captured memories we have over 150 premium vegan leathers and textiles created int photo album,books, and more. Together, we craft the ultimate couture album – an original expression of love like noother. The moment you lay eyes on your printed self, it’s an emotion beyond compare,often marked by tears of sheer joy. Recognizing that every client is unique, there’s noone-size-fits-all approach to your experience. Welcome to a world where yourextraordinary tale unfolds through every textured page.


Once you go through your boudoir experience, you’ll want an heirloom quality reminder of your art. An Album is our most popular choice. It’s a sensual story that you can share as a gift to your partner, or as a treasure for yourself. Whether you choose to pair your album with a beautiful piece of wall art, or a specially designed book… each album is CUSTOM MADE  according to the Client’s personal style.



This photo album embodies timeless elegance in its simplicity, much like a cherished family heirloom. Secured with a complementary genuine leather tie, it creates a delightful experience with sparkles and gems, making a special memory.


Our client, Ms. P, had a heartfelt plan for her wedding day – she wanted to pen a love letter for her fiancee and tuck it inside a special book. We crafted an enchanting old-world-style textile book, evoking the timeless charm of an heirloom journal with a touch of romance passed through the ages. A truly sentimental and romantic gesture for a momentous occasion!



Who doesn’t adore the timeless allure of the gold standard? Our client, Ms. N, had a New Year’s Eve wedding with a captivating black and gold theme. To complement the occasion,  Ms. N presented this glamorous keepsake to her groom on their wedding night – a seductive touch to add some extra sparkle to their New Year celebration.

Portrait in Reno


Client Mrs. A gave me a heads up about her design-savvy architect husband. To meet their taste, Crafted an album with a modern industrial vibe, featuring sleek lines and a touch of metal. The stunning visuals were printed on luxurious velvet matte paper, making it a technical triumph and a real crowd-pleaser.

Portrait in Reno


Mrs. Y had a delightful plan to surprise her partner on his birthday with a boudoir album, but there was a delightful dilemma – she adored numerous images captured by Us. The perfect solution? We proposed a His + Hers collection. He received a selection of the sexier, more erotic images, while she curated a personalized book with the prettier and more glamorous imagery. It turned out to be a thoughtful way to tailor the boudoir experience for both of them.



Celebrating their inaugural wedding anniversary, she sought to evoke the magic of their special day. To make it a shared experience, she surprised him with a viewing appointment where they could together select the cherished images. The celebration continued with a delightful dinner date in town, making their first anniversary a truly memorable and romantic experience.


Ms. H, in the midst of a recent divorce, embarked on a transformative personal journey, craving something enchanting to symbolize her new beginnings. So designed a tactile and visually captivating swirly black magic raised-ink textile, offering a sensation that is truly satisfying to the touch. The color palette of black and silver adds a sultry allure, creating an album that mirrors the essence of Ms. H’s newfound path and resilience.


Ms. A, smitten with her sports enthusiast partner, decided to express her love by incorporating a nod to his favorite team into her boudoir session. One of her looks featured a sexy, sporty team jersey, paying homage to his passion. So we added a subtle sparkle to complement Ms. A’s girly side, resulting in a unique and personalized album that beautifully captured their shared interests and Ms. A’s individual charm.


Let’s be clear — this is not just a photo shoot. This experience is an investment in YOUR SELF and we take that seriously. It is a day for your soul’s rejuvenation and a sensual validation that will last long beyond your session. Whether you choose to turn your experience into a handcrafted European Album, perfectly designed wall art, or a digital-only collection…the Life As Fine Art experience is for clients who value the resulting quality and service. The session experience with Cate in the studio is priced at $499, with art purchases ala carte or in the form of a collection thereafter. Since each experience is custom to the client, Cate will share your images in a one-one-one Viewing Premiere Appointment to help you prepare your selection of the album, art or collection that is right for you.

Payment plans and Pre-Payment bonuses are also available to help you efficiently finance your luxurious creation.


This day is dedicated to the rejuvenation of your soul and a sensually empowering validation that echoes far beyond the session. Whether you opt for a handcrafted Album, exquisitely designed wall art, or an exclusive digital collection, the Alpine Beauty experience caters to those who cherish unparalleled quality and service. The session with Michael in the studio is priced at $400, with art purchases available a la carte or as part of a collection thereafter. As each experience is tailored to the individual, Michael will guide you through a one-on-one Viewing Premiere Appointment, ensuring your images are presented in a way that helps you curate the perfect album, art, or collection for your unique desires.

Explore payment plans and indulge in pre-payment bonuses to effortlessly finance your photoshoot memories into a masterpiece.



Ms. A, an avid collector of antiques and lover of ornate decor, has a penchant for adorning her Victorian home. To complement her sophisticated taste, We meticulously crafted an antique gold flower textile for the album, featuring an acrylic cover that provides a captivating glimpse of the stunning image within. The interior boasts a timeless display on silk paper, creating a masterpiece that harmonizes seamlessly with Ms. A’s love for all things antique and ornate.


Ms. K, a dedicated fashionista, desired an exquisite collection that speaks volumes. Her boudoir session, had a perfect blend of passion and elegance. This album shows it with a hint of elegant sensuality.


In honor of their remarkable Silver 25th wedding anniversary, this client couple opted for a special Couples’ Boudoir Session. To encapsulate the significance of the occasion, Designed an exquisite ornate silver metallic textile album along with a matching heirloom box. Within the pages, the intimate moments from their 25 years together are beautifully printed on silk paper.

Headshot in Reno


Mrs. A’s boudoir session served as a empowering journey to reclaim lost body confidence after embracing motherhood. Delighted with the stunning images that emerged from the session, she decided to feature one prominently on the cover. Understanding the importance of this personal touch, crafted a beautiful acrylic cover, The front of the cover features a subtly obscured image. 

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