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Perhaps, this is a venture unlike any you’ve ever embarked upon. The thrilling part? That’s precisely what makes it extraordinary. In the enchanting boudoir photography in Reno, you’ll be able to work with world crafted photographer artist Michael and his team, you’ll not only be gently navigated through every nuance of the process, but you’ll also have the privilege of Michael’s unparalleled expertise in a fun, joyful, unhurried setting to enjoy this special moment. You’ll have support on how to pose, move, where to gaze, and even what to wear. From the lead-up to the session and beyond, an exclusive invitation awaits you to join a Private ‘VIP Lounge’ online, a sanctuary shared with hundreds of present and former clients. Here inspiration sparks, and camaraderie blossoms. Sound intriguing? We warmly welcome you to join a space where encouragement and support are around you, showing you what incredible women you are! Book your Boudoir Photoshoot Experience at the Alpine Beauty Photography Studio in Reno, and join other women and support as they have shared this photography experience as their BEST DAY EVER.

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Embark on the journey to your boudoir experience at Alpine Beauty Photography Studio in Reno, NV. Upon securing your session, you’ll unlock Michael’s thoughtfully curated online Boudoir Prep Guide. This guide is your key to a checklist that unfolds the secrets to preparing for your extraordinary experience – from indulgent grooming and alluring primping to the art of accessorizing. Dive into the world of inspired wardrobe looks and discover exclusive shopping resources that elevate your beauty. This meticulous preparation ensures you step into your special day radiating confidence. And as an added touch, immerse yourself in the allure of Michael’s Complimentary Private group online, where curated looks are unveiled, setting the stage for your own moment of glamour, beauty, confidence, and more.

Captivating Hair and Makeup Mastery

We firmly believe that the allure of your Boudoir Experience hinges on the artistry of your hair and makeup. This is why we offer an array of premier resources to indulge and pamper you. In the capable hands of Michael’s curated team of leading makeup and hair experts, you’ll collaboratively design a look that mirrors your unique vision. Each artist is handpicked by Michael to meet the elevated standards required for flawless, ‘photo-ready’ hair and makeup. Beyond expertise, these artists understand Michael’s distinct needs for lighting and signature style. Yet, more importantly, they serve as guides to transport you from the ordinary into a realm of relaxation and serenity before your photograph session. Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies, share in laughter, and revel in the anticipation of what will undoubtedly be your BEST DAY EVER.

Headshot in Reno
Headshot in Reno


Our Alpine Beauty Photography Studio in Reno has options that allow you to step into opulence with our curated Designer clothes, offering an array of sizes, styles, and colors to elevate your beauty. While some of our clients are passionate about their own shoe and clothing collection, we ensure our selection complements your style, enhancing your confidence for the day. Explore an enchanting array of lingerie accessories – from cathedral bridal veils to lace robes, sheer gowns, maternity ensembles, fur coats, leather vests, enticing body chains, and more – all poised to enhance your wardrobe choices. And the allure doesn’t stop there; Michael and his team will guide you through your own shopping journey, providing an array of links and resources.


Booking a shoot is super easy. Before we book I always like to talk with my clients to get to know them and build a relationship. This helps us both know if a session is right for you. During the free consultation we can schedule your session or you can call and schedule at a later date when you know the best time for you.
During our consultation we will discuss what to wear. Typically you will bring a couple of outfits including something comfortable that you like to relax in, a nice outfit for a night on the town and some sexy lingerie.
I do offer a payment plan for those that may need it. Upon scheduling your session you will need to pay the session fee to book the session. After the session and you have decided what package you would like to purchase we can put together a payment plan that fits your needs.
I love working with referrals from my clients. To say thank you I give a $200 print credit to both the past and new clients. Please let me know who referred you.
When you arrive for your session we get you situated and comfortable and ready for your hair and makeup. I will have music playing in the background and we can pick something you like. I provide water, juice and healthy snacks. While you are getting your hair and makeup done I like to chat with you about your story. This helps me envision how we can best show who you are and how beautiful and strong you are. When it is time to shoot, I like to start with some beautiful portraits and some fun and silly stuff to help ease the nerves. After that the session just flies by. To rap everything up I love to sit down and show you some of your images on the camera and talk with you about how you are feeling. I just love this time to reflect.
The session including hair and makeup can take between 2 and 4.5 hours depending on your package. It typically takes between 1-2 weeks to get your session edited and ready for your reveal.
I take payment through PayPal for credit cards and Zelle for direct bank transfers.
I love to travel and work in stunning new locations. If you have an amazing idea for a destination session just let me know. Let the adventure begin.
Portrait in Nevada
Session Fee
"For those just wanting to see what it is all about. This package includes a pre-session get to know you meeting, professional hair and makeup and an hour session. Images may be purchased for an additional cost".

Headshot in Reno
"Packages start at $800 and go to $3500. This is not just a photo session, it is an expression of you. The ultimate experience of self care and love! This experience will help you see your best self. You deserve this".

Portrait in Nevada
What Others Are Saying
"Working with Michael was definitely empowering and made me feel beautiful. He found a way to bring my vision to life and went above and beyond to exceeded our expectations. My only wish is that I had done this sooner".

Before and After

See the magic unfold in our ‘Before and After’ photography sessions. We capture the real you, unfiltered and genuine, in everyday moments and special occasions. It’s not about changing who you are; it’s about celebrating your unique story.

Embark on a transformative visual journey with our Before and After photography sessions, where we unveil the genuine evolution of your narrative. Witness the subtle shifts and profound moments that define your journey, captured through our lens. The “before” captures the raw authenticity of your story, while the “after” portrays the empowered, confident individual you’ve become.

Before and After




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