Alpine Beauty Photography

Ms. J


“There are several reasons I chose Boudoir.  All of my life I have dealt with insecurities like most women do.  We are terrible critics of ourselves.  I’ve been through tremendous trauma that has crippled my spirit at times. From childhood up until just a couple of years ago.   The abuse I have suffered caused me to practically hate myself, I struggled with the image in the mirror as I was taught that my body was not something to be cherished, valued, taken care of or loved.  I attempted to end my life but failed.   When I broke away from my abuser it was the biggest challenge of my life to look myself in the mirror with appreciation and love.  Throughout my divorce, I drank heavily to numb the pain and escape the terrible memories.  I had to go through intensive therapy, mental health classes and time alone with myself to finally realize that I am lovable.  I am enough.  I have all I need with just. my. company. alone. and the love of my family, but most of all…love for myself.  The little girl inside of me desperately needed to know she is LOVED and she is BEAUTIFUL and she is ENOUGH.   When I started to love myself I started to make healthier choices.  I ate better, took daily walks and cut back on the drinking.  My body finally had the relief it needed and I lost 40 pounds!    I then fell in love with a man who truly loves me for who I am, doesn’t keep record of wrongs, treats me with care, honesty and respect I now know I deserve (and makes me feel sexier than anyone ever has!).  He’s literally my best friend.  I decided to do Boudoir for him but more so for me.  I needed to document my femininity, my beauty, my sexiness, while I’m at the prime of my life, so that one day when I am old, I will look at my photos and smile thinking “you incredible woman, God you’re beautiful, smart, sexy and worthy of love.”   My Boudoir session with Alpine Beauty was absolutely incredible!  He made me feel very comfortable in my own skin as I went from pose to pose and was told I was beautiful.   I feel like every woman should have this experience at least once in their life so that she can feel empowered like I now do.  I now walk with so much more confidence and self love.  I feel blessed by the experience and I have a greater appreciation for my beauty as well as other women’s beauty.  It was truly life changing!” – Ms. J

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